Alex’s MMA interest was sparked when he was 15 when he saw his first ever MMA fight on Pay-Per-View, Fedor v Mark Coleman. Not knowing who the Russian was, Alex bet against Fedor thinking the American would rein supreme. After losing the money quick, watching MMA events became a fun hobby of Alex and many high school friends. A few of Alex’s friends were into boxing and BJJ and recommended he start to train at a local gym. January of 2007 Alex joined LA Boxing. After a few months of constant training under Antonio Flores Alex had lost almost 60 pounds and was quick to compete. Alex took his first “in gym” fight and won with a head kick K.O! With the BJJ teacher leaving to Brazil, LA Boxing hired Chad Robichaux to fill in the void and the rest was history. After working with Chad on the mats, Alex had developed a great relationship with the new coach. Chad opened his own academy in October of 2007.

A team trip to Brazil was planned and Alex was quick to jump on board. Chad, Alex and two other students headed to the BJJ Mecca and got in some of the best training of their lives and more importantly, were introduced to Gracie Barra. After returning home, Chad had plans to take the gym in a new direction and progressed forward by becoming part of the Gracie Barra family. Alex competed in many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments for the next year and after trips to Florida for the IKF tournament and getting to know the local MMA fight scene a little better, Alex was ready to test his metal again June 5th of 2009. Alex won the fight in 0:45 seconds of the first round with an armbar. After the fight, Alex was given his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he would focus on nursing an injury and cornering his teammates for future fights. January of 2010 Alex was given the opportunity to coach at Gracie Barra Centurion in South Africa. Upon returning home in April, Alex was back in shape and ready to get back into the fighting scene.

Alex was back in the cage May 14th of 2010 to win again with another quick submission. The next fight came less than a month later this time competing in a Thai fight then a Muay Thai tournament in July. With Alex in prime shape and gaining more experience as the months went on, Alex was to fight for the USACA Welterweight Championship September 18th. After a hard fought 5 rounds with Pete Sprjac, Alex won the title belt and a new level of competition was on the horizon. December 2010, Alex made his professional debut and won in the most impressive fashion of his young career with a 0:21 second armbar victory. Alex, still gunning to compete, fought in the Legacy show January 29th and again, wins with a 0:45 second armbar against seasoned fighter, Marc Garcia. After 6 fight camps in a row Alex is given his biggest test to date, the Legacy Fighting Championship April 9th VS. Jeff Rexroad (2-1).

After a hard fought split decision loss against the now LFC 170 lb champ Jeff Rexroad, Alex had a lot to work on as he looked for his next fight. Hard work was being put in day in and day out as Alex achieved his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu July of 2011. After reinventing his game Alex was looking to fight again and was matched up against Evert Gutierrez September 16th for Legacy Fighting Championship 8. A technical fight ensued leading Alex to 3-1 winning by unanimous decision. Still ready to fight Alex took his highest profile fight to date, a televised match against Rashon Lewis for LFC 10 February 24th, resulting in a devastating knock out win for Alex putting him at 4-1. Now teaching full time at Gracie Barra the Woodlands and running a very successful MMA team another fight was soon to come. The team went 13-2 in 2012 and Alex fought March 1st against seasoned pro Brandon Farran starting the team off at 1-0 for the year making Alex’s record 5-1.

Alex is one of Gracie Barra Houston’s “Rising Star” competitors.

  • 12-3 Professional MMA Record / UFC Record (1-0)
  • 3x IKF veteran
  • Accomplished Muay Thai competitor and coach
  • Past LSBD Welterweight Champion
  • Past Legacy Welterweight Champion (2015)
  • BJJ Black belt under Professor Alex Gotay
  • Experienced BJJ Referee
  • 2nd place in NAGA no-gi 2009
  • 2nd place in Battle of H-town 2009
  • Pan Am Bronze Medalist 2009
  • World BJJ Championships Bronze Medalist 2009
  • Trained BJJ in Brazil and South Africa
  • Judo practitioner under Wessel Boshoff 2nd Dan Judo Black Belt