2013 1st Quarter Pro Rankings

Ranking Details

Rank Name Gym Avg. Rank
1. Jeff Rexroad Paradigm 1.4
2. Jay Hieron Xtreme Couture


3. Gerald Harris Ghost Dog Boxing Gym 3.4
4. Chidi Njokuani Saekson 4
5. Lucas Pimenta Gold Team 5
6. Alex Morono Gracie Barra NH 6
7. Derrick Krantz Team 515 7.4
8. Lester Batres Paradigm 8
9. Evan Cutts Fitness Fight Factory 8.6
10. Artenas Young 4oz 9.8


In order for a fighter to be considered for our rankings, THEY MUST MEET ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA:

1. A fighter must have fought in HOUSTON in the last 12 months.

2. To be included as a Pro or Ammy, the fighter must have at least one fight under that status. For example, if a fighter is set to make their pro debut, but at the time of these rankings he has not had a pro fight, he will be ranked under the amateur status. Once he has fought as a pro, he will then be eligible to be included in the pro rankings.


The Panel

Our panel is made up of 7-9 local experts who are knowledgable and have been involved with the Houston MMA scene for some time. They regularly attend the local MMA fights and are familiar with the MMA fighters here in Houston. They are all honest and objective people who want to continue seeing the Houston MMA scene grow, as well contribute in a positive and non-political way.

Our panels rankings are not shared with anyone. No panel member knows how the others have ranked the fighters. The ONLY person who is aware of how all the panel members have ranked their fighter is Mike Jackson.

The List

I provide our panel of 7-9 local Houston MMA experts a list of all eligible fighter (see above for details). If a fighter is not listed, but the panel member would like to add them, they may do so provided he meets the criteria listed above.

The Formula

Each panel member will rank the top 10 fighters for each weight class (top 5 for amatuers). A fighter that is ranked in the top 10 (or on the pound for pound list) is given a numerical value based on his rank (the #1 ranked fighter will get 1 pt, the #2 ranked fighter will get 2 points, etc…). If a fighter is NOT ranked in the top 10 by all of the panel, he will receive a value of 11 (or 6 for the amatuer rankings).

Once all the ranking are returned, we then drop the highest and lowest ranking to exclude any bias. Next, we total and then average the values for each fighter and the top 10 LOWEST average values will be the final ranked fighters for each weight class (with the lowest average being the highest ranked fighter).